Regulatory and Environmental

Our Regulatory and Environmental Practice Group is a team of expert professionals. We have a distinguished and recognized track record in environmental litigation, defending investment projects, and environmental compliance audit processes.

Our lawyers have acted as legal advisors in numerous projects submitted to the Environmental Impact Assessment System (“SEIA”).

We carry out legal environmental due diligence processes of hydroelectric, thermoelectric, wind and solar plants, as well as mining and industrial operations.

We also work on infrastructure projects, including all regulatory issues and related permits. We prepare permits for cadastres applicable to projects of a diverse nature at all stages, including construction, operation and decommission.

In this field, it is worth noting that we have ample and recognized experience in environmental litigation and administrative claims, so we have not only the ability to evaluate the potential judicial risks that may be faced by a particular project or activity, but we also have experts to develop an effective defense against claims as well as legal and/or administrative actions attempted to prevent the legitimate implementation or operation of a project.

  • Environmental and Regulatory Litigation
  • Environmental , Regulatory and Land Consultancy
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Administrative Procedures and defense before the Authority
  • Energy, Mining and Natural Resources
  • Electrical and Water Law
  • Urban Planning and Construction

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