Our Tax Practice Area is composed of a team of highly qualified professionals, all with broad experience in tax advice, tax planning, design of tax strategies, the defense of taxpayers’ legitimate activities and the resolution of tax controversies.

The extensive knowledge of both tax regulation and various industries and economic sectors, allows us to provide our clients a customized service, enabling them to adapt and align their projects and business activities to increasingly demanding and complex tax legislation.

In conjunction with our other areas of practice, we add value to our clients’ projects, helping them to achieve their goals, both locally and internationally, by means of the correct understanding and application of tax law.

We have led and participated as tax advisors in the sales of large companies, corporate reorganizations and financing operations, where we stand out for our professionalism and capacity to adapt to our clients’ needs, providing them with tailor made, concrete and effective solutions.

  • Advice on tax efficiency
  • Tax Planning
  • Taxpayer Defense
  • Tax and Customs litigation

Head of area

Andrés Ossandón’s practice focuses on the tax planning of investment projects and companies´ acquisitions, tax litigation in tax courts, customs litigation, and civil, commercial and corporate law.

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